Skipping or jumping rope is a common training method used by boxers for cardiovascular purposes. If you have seen any of the Rocky films and wondered why the boxers were skipping it is because skipping builds cardiovascular stamina and improves boxers quickness, agility, hand eye coordination and muscle strength. Many professional boxers even use skipping as a warm up before getting into the ring. Not only is skipping a fun and useful exercise, but it is also cheap. There are three main types of training exercise that boxers use to prepare themselves for a fight:

  • Three Minute Intervals: Boxers will use skipping as a way of imitating their time in the ring and therefore building stamina for future fights. To imitate fights, boxers will skip for three minutes straight; they will then have a short break and then repeat for about five to seven times. If you are new to boxing or jump rope training, start out at a lesser time i.e. thirty second intervals and then work your way up to three minutes over time.
  • Alternating feet: Many boxers will jump using only one foot and then alternate which foot is on the ground while skipping. This is a more advanced method of skipping. Switching up your feet helps to build muscle in the legs while also improving your footwork, agility and coordination. Try to skip on your right foot for about ten seconds and then switch to the left and repeat.
  • Double-unders: Double-unders are a very advanced method of skipping. During a double-under, you turn the rope twice underneath your feet during each jump. Double-unders will help you improve your coordination and enhance leg strength. In a double-under you will lift your feet high off the ground. Once you can master skipping for three minutes without a break, start adding the double-unders to your workout.

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