Dumbbells are great for strength training at home. They are simple to use, versatile and not very expensive. If you are a beginner, dumbbells (which are shorter weights that you can lift with one hand) should be more of a priority than barbells (the longer weights that require both of your hands). Dumbbells give you a variety of exercise options and force each side of your body to pull its own weight.

When purchasing dumbbells, you have the option of either buying the best, most convenient set of several dumbbells at varying weights or to buy an adjustable dumbbell kit which comes with two handles and different weight plates that you can clamp onto each end of the handles with a clip or collar. This option is usually the cheaper choice.

Owning a variety of dumbbells will save you a lot of time as using an adjustable dumbbell kit requires you to constantly have to add or change weight plates. You should try both options and see which of the two you are more comfortable with. Also, different dumbbells have different handles, so you might feel comfortable using one type over another.

You can also choose between purchasing metal dumbbells or dumbbells coated with vinyl or rubber. This makes little difference and is a personal preference. Your workout will not be affected. If you choose to purchase a variety of different dumbbells, you should invest in a dumbbell rack. A rack will help you keep your weights organised and keep your home gym neat.

Sportsmart stocks a variety of dumbbells in different sizes as well as adjustable dumbbell kits. You can view our dumbbell products online or visit one of our stores to get expert advice on choosing dumbbells to suit your workout requirements.

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