Rugby is a full contact team sport. The sport originated in England and is now popular all over the world. It combines both the speed of soccer with the physical nature of American football. There are two types of games: rugby league and rugby union.

Tackling is a skill you will need to master in order to play rugby. The side tackle is an effective way to drop your opponent. Using the side tackle also means that you can approach your opponent from either side. This will limit their options and increase your chances of making a successful hit. Timing is extremely important when using this type of tackle. You must make sure that your shoulders are above the ball carriers hips. This will minimise your chance of injury. Aim for the ball carrier’s thigh as your target.

Get into a crouching position and prepare your shoulders for impact. Drive using your legs, this will give you momentum and allow you to make an impact with your shoulder on the opponent’s thigh. Ensure that your head is tucked behind your opponent’s body, wrap your arms around the ball carriers legs, grip tightly and hold on.

Continue to drive through to complete the tackle. Go straight for the ball. Once you have completed the tackle, your opponent must release the ball. Remember, you have to be on your feet to play the ball or the referee will give a penalty against you.

Keep reading the Sportsmart blog for our next rugby article which will explain the rear tackle and how to use it.

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