Exercise bikes are available in two types of varieties: upright and recumbent. Upright bikes are similar to regular bikes a part from the fact that you do not actually go anywhere. Recumbent bikes have bucket seats so you pedal out in front of you. No bike is better than the other, it is a personal choice.

Using an exercise bike is great for toning your thighs, with recumbent bikes being especially good at toning your butt. They also give you a great aerobic workout and give your knees a break at the same time. If you are a person who enjoys reading, bikes are great for reading while working out.

You will find that the recumbent offers more support for your back and is more comfortable if you have lower back pain. It is also suitable for those who are new to exercising. You need to remember to adjust your seat, your leg should be almost straight. You should not have to strain your hips to pedal and your knees shouldn’t feel crunched when they are at the top of the pedal stroke.

You must also set the handlebars correctly. You should be able to hold the bars so that your arms extend out at shoulder level. This should feel comfortable and is important to do if you are very tall or short. Also, remember to adjust the pedal straps to a comfortable position and ensure that the straps do not cut off your circulation. Riding with foot straps is much more comfortable then riding without them.

Lastly, do not pedal with just your toes. Press from the ball of your foot and through the heel as you pump downward on the pedal and pull up with the top of your foot on the upstroke.

Sportsmart has a variety of exercise bikes to choose from. View our exercise bikes online or come into one of our stores to try them out for yourself and get expert advice from our fitness staff in choosing a bike suited to your needs.

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