A fitness ball is somewhat of a large bouncy ball. They are widely used by physical therapists and Pilates teachers to enable people to rehabilitate their back, knee and hip injuries without causing further pain. What some people do not realise is that fitness balls can do a lot more and make exercise fun. They are a great tool for mastering strength, stability and balance.

If you are at a job where you sit at your desk all day, sitting on a fitness ball instead is a great way to keep your spine healthy. Try to sit on a fitness ball for some of your day at work. It is helpful because when you have nothing to lean back on you are forced to sit up and have good posture. Also, as the ball moves around it will keep you on your toes and your body moving. This will prevent stiffness and back pain.

You will find that fitness balls are available in different sizes. When choosing a fitness ball, try to remember that when you sit on the ball you should be able to easily balance with your feet on the ground. Also, your hips and knees should be at right angles.

Fitness balls challenge you by putting your body in an unstable environment. When you lie on the ball, your legs and abs immediately contract to stop you from falling off. If you add an exercise to that (crunches or chest press) and the intensity of your movement is increased. Exercise balls can be used for pretty much anything including weight training, abdominal training, flexibility, yoga, Pilates etc.

Sportsmart stocks a variety of fitness balls to suit your requirements. Come in to one of our stores to try them out and our fitness staff will help you to select the best fitness ball to suit your needs.

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