Taking care of your tennis racquet is extremely important. It is also a lot easier now with innovations in the materials used to make tennis racquets. For example, the construction of tennis frames is no longer made from wood which has been replaced by graphite, ceramics and metals.

Taking care of your racquet is not difficult, it is mostly common sense which allows you get good use out of your tennis racquet. Make sure you do not expose your tennis racquet to extreme hot or cold for example, leaving it in your car on a hot day as it can soften the graphite frame and pull the strings out of place.

You should never throw your tennis racquet around and avoid scraping it against the ground. You should also replace the grip on your tennis racquet when it gets too slippery so as to avoid it flying out of your hand and damaging the construction. Not to mention, you could injure someone.

When it comes to restringing your racquet, the rule of thumb is to generally restring per year as often as you play per week. Avoid restringing less than two times a year. You do not need to restring every chance you get as your strings may lose their responsiveness.

Finding a string that you like can require a little experimenting. You may require something that is more durable or something that is more resilient. You might decide that you prefer a tighter strong for more control or a softer string for increased comfort.

At Sportsmart, our tennis staff include qualified Tennis Australia coaches as well as Tennis Victoria State Grade and Winter Pennant players. Our staff are experts in customising your tennis racquet to suit your needs, we also offer a large range of strings to choose from brands such as Uxilon Big Banger, Wilson, Head, Babolat, Prince, Yonex, Volkl, Ashaway and Pacific.

We also offer a tennis racquet restringing service, where our staff can guide you the right choice of strings and tension for your racquet and restring it for you within 48 hours.

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