Using rowers are great for working out your entire body. They are useful for strength building exercises. You do not need to be a personal trainer to use a rower, anyone can use it. Rowing machines consist of a flywheel, fan and a cable with a handle attached at one end. You pull the handle towards you as you slide the seat backwards. The fan then creates air resistance which makes you feel like you are skimming across water.

Some rowers are electric, this means that they have a power pack which you plug in. This will give you a different type of resistance. You will also find that some rowers will allow you to adjust the foot pedals to fit the size of your feet. Another feature to keep in mind is the programs that come with different rowers. Some have preset programs as well as manual programs where you can change the workout and resistance for yourself.

Rowing correctly will ensure that you do not harm your back. Your movement must be initiated from your legs and butt, this will eliminate the excess stress on the muscles on your back. It takes a lot of coordination to perfect your rowing exercise. Remember not to fully straighten your knees. Even if you are completely extended, your knees should still be a little soft.

Focus on not hunching over as you can give yourself terrible back pain. The proper position is to when your upper body is leaning backward at 45 degrees. Make sure you pull the handle in a smooth and continuous stroke.

Learning how to use a rowing machine takes time and practice. Starting too quickly and rowing too long can cause muscle aches and pains and even more serious muscle strains. In order to learn how to properly use a rowing machine, it is helpful to work with a trainer the first time you use it.

At Sportsmart, we stock many rowers; you can view them online or come in store to see them for yourself. Our fitness staff are experts in how to use our fitness equipment. They can show you which rower will suit your fitness needs and show you how to use them properly.

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