If you are a runner, it is very important to find running shoes that are suited to you. Your running shoes play a major role when running and are a way of protecting your feet as they hit the ground.

Different running shoes serve different purposes. For example, trail running shoes are designed for those who run off road. The first thing you need to decide on is the type of running you will be doing. You can then select a shoe based on your running requirements.

Wearing the wrong type of running shoes can cause major damage. The impact of running not only affects your feet but also your ankles, knees and hips. Everybody’s feet are different and a good pair of running shoes can save you from injuries and pain.

When purchasing a pair of running shoes, pronation must be considered. Pronation refers to how much your foot rotates inward while you run. Runners who have a foot which rolls inward are considered to be runners who overpronate whereas runners who have a foot which does not roll inward much are considered to be runners who underpronate. Both styles can present problems to runners therefore it is important to select a shoe that is suitable for you.

Sportsmart has a large range of running shoes available that you can check out online. Our footwear staff have expert knowledge in running shoes and can help you to select a style that suits your running needs. Visit us in store to get expert advice and try on the right running shoe for you.

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