The York Monza Elite Treadmill is one of York’s finest treadmills. It features unique and exclusive technology and is packed full of features to keep you motivated. It is ideal for those with a big family or the serious runner. With its strong motor, large running deck and full featured console, this treadmill definitely earns its name.

With a 3.5 horse power motor, the York Monza Elite Treadmill has the ability to reach up to 22km per hour in speed. It also features a 3.3mm orthopaedic belt which is an important feature for those who require extra cushioning.

For those who require extra motivation, the York Monza Elite treadmill also has a USB port that allows you to watch videos or pictures on its full colour display. You also have the ability to plug in your iPod or iPhone and listen to. It even has 21 motivational programs of its own that you can select from and watch while running. If you have had a great session you have the ability to save your training results and upload them to your computer for future reference.

If you have difficulty balancing on the treadmill, the York Monza Elite has a built in camera that allows you to view your feet while you run so that you can stay on track. Another useful feature is the proximity sensor. The proximity sensor is also if you have pets or young children  and will alert you if they get too close to the back of the treadmill.

The York Monza Elite treadmill is packed full of features that will keep you going during your workout and definitely differentiate it compared to other models currently available.

Sportsmart currently stocks the York Monza Elite treadmill, view this product on our website

Or come in store to try it out for yourself.


    • Sportsmart

      Hi – Dave the Sportsmart Moorabbin fitness manager supplied the information, if you pop into our Moorabbin store he will be more than happy to help you out. Thanks for your feedback.
      Yours in sport,

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