Sportsmart AFL sponsorship winner, Michael Shmerling, gives us an insight into his love of football…

Why do you love football?

It’s the passion for the game, love the roar of the crowd before the opening bounce.

Do other members of your family play football?

My uncle played for Hawthorn in the 70s.

What do you like about playing with Ajax Football Club?

Played at Ajax since I was 9, so to continue to play with the same guys I grew up with is great.

What do you think your club will buy with the $200 Club Advantage voucher you earned for them?

More footballs.

What will you do with your old football gear now that you’ve won the Sportsmart AFL sponsorship package?

They can be hand-me-downs!

Which pair of Blades football boots do you have your eye on?

The Legends Elite.

What type of football boots are you wearing at the moment?

Nike, not sure what the name of the boots are, but they are Nike.

What advice do you have for other football players who want to improve their game?

Train the way you want to play!

What other sports do you enjoy playing?

Indoor soccer, basketball and mixed netball.

What is your ultimate football ambition?

Play and coach alongside James Hird.

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