Lenny Hayes from St Kilda Football Club recently visited our Moorabbin store to take photos with fans and sign plenty of autographs. He really enjoyed visiting the store and was happy to answer a few questions.

Q1. What has been the most exciting moment for you in the AFL?

Playing in grand finals, the roar of the crowd when you run out.

Q2. What advice would you give aspiring footballers?

Keep working on your skills and enjoy your footy.

Q3. Do you have any pre-game superstitions?

Get the same trainer to strap my ankles every week.

Q4. What is your favourite Diadora product?

All Diadora footy boots are great.

Q5. What boots do you play in?

Diadora Kobras

Q6. Who did you barrack for as a kid?


Q7. Have you had any serious injuries?

I’ve had a knee reconstruction.


One comment

  1. kenneth william mckersie

    Thanks for some great games Lenny. Really hope all goes well for you in your career to come. Are you doing Weights? Watched the Saints Play the Western Bulldogs last night. Their play on at all costs had us under pressure especially as their foot skills stood up. But the Boys proved their ability to tackle hard and interupt and frustrate the Bulldogs. Our Spoiling in pack marking and keeping the ball on the ground was very effective. At least against the Bulldogs. Just a couple of thoughts Lenny. Better game by Zac Dawson. Proved to me that he has more potenial in the ruck and as a stopper on the half back line. The Club should keep building him up fitness wise and develope a diet that will help put on muscle. On many occassions in the past he has appeared inadeqate and timid. I blame the Club for this, and another thing, involve him in strong mateship roles with the other regular players, boost his confidence and help him out. Aplayer who should get inside his head is Brendon Goddard. He knows what it takes to go forward, and what it takes to build respect. He dosen’t tap his heart for nothing. I’ve never seen Zac touch his heart, but I believe one day I will. kenneth william mckersie.

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