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I have just had the privilege to be able to test out the brand new Volkl Organix range, and I was more than impressed! I was lucky enough to receive three racquets: the Organix 4, the Organix 6 and the Organix 8.

The first racquet I tried out was the Organix 4. Upon picking it up, the first features I noticed were its light weight (275g) and its relatively large head size (105 square inches). However, upon playing my first shot, I noticed power! If you can time this racquet well and swing hard, your opponent will barely see the ball.

It was very solid in all areas, including slices and volleys. The light weight of the racquet was excellent for volleys, as the racquet was so manoeuvrable. Further to this, for the times where you are too lazy to get into position or simply just get caught up and have to jab at the ball in hope, a lot of easy power is generated. So for those that don’t have the textbook techniques, this racquet is brilliant for you.

The highlight of this racquet for me was serving. My serving technique is not the greatest, and I struggle to generate momentum through my swing. Yet with the light weight of this racquet, serving was fantastic. Big serving was very possible, yet kick serves for the second serve were even better. With the lightness of the racquet, generating the required racquet head speed to brush up on the ball was too easy.

Overall, if you are the sort of player who doesn’t have a textbook technique, yet love out-rallying your opponents, then this is the racquet for you. Easy power is on offer, and a simple jab can often generate more power compared to a full swing with another racquet.

Sportsmart has a wide range of tennis racquets to suit every players needs. To check out the Organix 4 tennis racquet for yourself, visit the Sportsmart website or come in store and try it out.

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