Jeremy ‘Dave’ Davies is the Store Manager at Sportsmart Kilsyth, but he has also been an infantry soldier, boxing instructor, personal trainer and Australian Kettlebell Instructor. Apart from basketball, he competes in Girevoy Sport Weightlifting – the traditional Eastern European/Russian sport of kettlebell lifting. He has taken the time to provide some information and training tips on strength bags.

If you’re looking around for something a bit different to really get your heart pounding and muscles working, the Bodyfirst Strength Bag is worth a look.

What you get is a well-secured rolled up tube of sand with handles in a range of weights, from 5kg up to 35kg.

It’s simple, but effective. New-school technology and adaptation, with additional handles and strong PVC casing meets old-school hard yakka.

The weight is unstable; forcing your core to adapt to it while in motion, but the bag is soft so you can’t knock yourself out.

With kettle bell-style lifts, like the snatch and the high-pull and the swing, you can really work on power (maximum strength over minimum time) while smashing calories.

With more static lifts, such as a press or squat, you can build lean strength and tone, just like with dumbbells or barbells.

Adding the resistance of the bag to abdominal lifts will increase the burn on your core, as with medicine ball Russian Twists.

You can throw it on a shoulder and run, fall down on it and push up: all that kind of crazy, old-school sandbag-style training.

It’s great for outdoor circuit work, in a backyard or your favourite park. Depending on your starting strength, if you pick up a ten or a twenty kilo bag from Sportsmart, you can try this on for size:

At 30s on and 15s rest.

  • Snatches
  • Front Squats
  • Fence Hops
  • Overhead presses
  • Weighted sit-ups
  • High-pulls
  • Pushups
  • Leg Raises

Ben and Jody, two super-fit retail assistants at Sportsmart Kilsyth, went through this quick 4 minute + rests workout and loved it. ‘You could really smash yourself with this,’ Ben said, through deep breaths.

As your cardio fitness and strength improve, you can increase the amount of time on, or upgrade to a heavier bag!

If you have the dosh, two bags can give you even greater flexibility: either two of the same weight for double armed exercises, or a heavier and a lighter weight for different levels of resistance.

As always, it’s best to consult a medical professional before embarking on a new workout regime. And if you’ve got any questions, or want some more advice on exercising with Strength Bags, drop into Sportsmart Kilsyth for a chat.

…and enjoy the pain!

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