by Gerrard Woods, Director, Sportsmart

Sportsmart stocks a wide range of children’s footwear for a variety of sports.

Our buying guides provide some useful information to help parents know what features to look for in shoes for their kids.

Our footwear staff can help with further information and fitting in-store, to help ensure kids get the best shoes for their needs.



The material between the upper and the sole of the shoe.

Cushioning provides shock absorption, which is important for comfort and protection against ground impact – i.e. running and jumping.

Ankle support

Where the upper is raised around the collar of the shoe to provide support to the ankle. In the case of basketball shoes, this may cover the ankle bone.

Ensures stability of little ankles to help avoid injury.

Outsole grip

The bottom of the shoe that is in contact with the court surface.

Gives greater court traction, which allows kids to move around easier and ensures the shoes last longer.


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