The winner of Sportsmart and Wilson’s tennis sponsorship program, Scott Lyons, provides regular blog articles on his favourite topic – tennis …

Every racquet is unique, each with specific features usually fine-tuned to a particular game style. Whether it be Nadal’s topspin, Roddick’s serve or Federer’s sublime control, their respective racquets are all designed to accommodate their style of play.

When choosing a racquet for ourselves, we have to find a racquet that is best suited to our own game style, and the only way to do so is to try them out for yourself. Thankfully, Sportsmart recognises this, and has a fantastic program allowing tennis players to demo numerous racquets not just against the hit-up wall in the store, but you also get to take them home. I was able to take advantage of this, trying out my Wilson BLX Pro Open before making my decision.

I am usually useless when it comes to trying out new racquets, as I tend to need months to get used to everything! Yet when I picked up the Wilson BLX Pro Open it immediately felt good. I noticed great consistency in my ground strokes thanks to the large sweet spot, and I could generate great spin.

At first I had a bit of trouble finding my range, and struggled to hit the ball deep in the court. But after I hit up a bit more I could barely miss! It was great once I got used to it. It is very much an all-round racquet, with easy spin generation and power, both being balanced with great control.

My usual ‘lollipop’ serves transformed into ACTUAL serves … serves that can threaten the opponent and win cheap points! The ball carried right through to the fence after it bounced, which is always a good sign. There was also great flexibility with serving, allowing for a good kick-serve. The surprise for me with this tennis racquet was the volleying. The ball came off so well with a nice crisp feeling, and it was easy to aim.

Overall, this tennis racquet has no real weaknesses, and is very easy to use for players of all levels, unlike other racquets which can often be playable by the pros only. And if you are still not convinced, go and try it out at Sportsmart yourself. There is no risk of purchasing a racquet that is just not for you, and who knows, you may just find that secret weapon to take your game to the next level.

Check out the racquet and Sportsmart’s very cheap price here.

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