If played well, the volley can be one of the most attacking shots in the game.

* The footwork required for the volley is most important. For a forehand volley you must try to step forward with your left foot. This will enable you to turn side on, with your left shoulder facing the net.

* The racquet head must be higher than the level of your hand, assisting you to lock your wrist in place.

* Stepping forward will enable you to make contact with the ball out in front of your body and help direct the volley into the targeted area of the court.

* There should be no follow through with the racquet; the pace of your opponent’s return will enable you to generate the speed on the ball.

Remember: most winning volleys are gained from achieving good angles and placement, rather than trying to hit the ball too hard.

Enjoy the 2010 summer of tennis. 

Sportsmart Tennis Manager and TCAV level 2 coach, Ray James


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