It is that time of year for many senior football sides – the start of pre-season training. It seems to be starting earlier and earlier each season as well as getting harder (or maybe I am just getting older).

This stage of training is very important to your team’s success during the season; proper preparation now will start your season off on the right foot.

Two important parts of a successful pre-season are team culture and personal attitudes. These are both mental aspects of training. Establishing a great team culture early on sets the team values and attitudes that will contribute to a winning spirit to be carried throughout the season. Having the right personal attitude gets the most out you individually, allowing you to perform at your best.

Selecting the right equipment to train in (and to recover from training) is also important. Early training sessions will involve a lot of running and cross-training, so proper footwear is a must to protect your body from injury both now and later in the season.

Wearing compression garments provides muscles with support during training, and some compression garments can also speed up your recovery time between sessions to allow you to maintain your training levels.

Giving your body (and your team) every chance to succeed is what pre-season is about. Sportsmart has brand new running shoe models from Asics and Brooks as well as compression clothing from Skins and Under Armour to help. Sportsmart can also supply training performance equipment and customised team apparel (such as singlets) to help your team achieve its goals this season.

For more details email

Gerrard Woods, Director, Sportsmart

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