Sportsmart provides customers with a high-quality racquet re-stringing service that is excellent value for money.

For a service fee of just $20, Sportsmart’s experienced tennis experts guide customers on the best string and tension for their tennis, squash or badminton racquets, and then string them on our electric machines that ensure exact tension.

Sportsmart offers a timely service, with two stringing professionals operating most days – so, the majority of customers can have their racquets ready for play within 24 hours.

Tennis strings

Sportsmart offers a full range, starting at nylon for $4.95 up to Babolat, Pacific, Head and Wilson natural gut strings ranging from $89 to $109. Customers will also find synthetic gut, polyester and multifilament strings from all the major brands such as Luxilon (official string of the WTA Tour), Pacific (official string of the ATP Tour), Head, Wilson, Prince and Volkl.

Squash strings

Available in nylon at $4.95, synthetic gut at $14.95 and Ashaway multifilament at $24.95.

Badminton strings

Available in Carlton and Yonex, ranging in price from $9.95 to $16.95.

Shop smart at Sportsmart for all your tennis, squash and badminton re-stringing needs.

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