I find that about 90% of golfers think that the putting line is straight back from the target and straight through to the target. This method is not always consistent.

The putter face should fan open on the way back and closed on the way through, with a half-moon effect. Great putters who use this technique include Aaron Baddeley, Tiger Woods, Brad Faxon and Mike Weir. Watching these players putting and studying their technique will help to improve your own.

Other ways to improve your putting technique include:

• Practice reading greens (all putts are straight – this is why reading greens is so important)
• Distance control putting:
–      Place tees at 3, 6, 9 and 12-foot intervals from the hole
–      Hit 10 balls from each tee
–      Don’t move to the next tee until you have holed all 10 balls in a row
• Lastly… practice, practice, practice!

Sportsmart Golf Manager and golfing professional, Ashley Grant


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