Sportsmart Golf Manager and golfing professional, Ashley Grant

Q. Can the right golf ball help me to get maximum distance for my swing?

Yes, if you choose the right ball it can help to maximise distance performance for your swing. The new scientifically engineered Bridgestone e+ series allows you to choose the ball that optimises the trajectory and distance of your tee shots, while providing soft feel and control around the green.

Q. How do I know which e+ model is best for me?

Here is a brief description of the features of the e+ models:

Designed for players that have a low ball flight and need an optimum trajectory for more distance.

Designed for players that slice or hook the ball and need a straighter ball flight for more distance.

Designed for players that have a high to medium ball flight and need a more penetrating trajectory for increased distance.

Q. Where should I go for more advice?

You can be fitted for all golf balls at Sportsmart’s Moorabbin store. For more information, contact Ashley Grant (03) 9553 3011.

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