• Be specific in your goal-setting

What you want from your training? If fitness is the goal, train for fitness; if strength is the goal, train for strength; if an increase in skill is the goal, practice that skill. Focusing on too many things at once or having vague goals can be counterproductive.

• Give yourself the best chance at success

Educate yourself in what training is required for your goal and get the right equipment.

• No excuses

Schedule time in your week to spend on training as you would any other serious endeavour or commitment.

Sportsmart Kilsyth Assistant Manager, Fitness, Adam Musovic


  1. Dean

    The mindset is key. Even when I’m tired and just want to plonk on the couch. I promise myself at least a 15min workout. Once I’m up and going, I always do more. It just seems to be a mind barrier to get up for an hours workout when feeling a little flat and tired. Works for me anyway!

  2. Ringo Star

    your comments are so helpful! You have given me the strength and courage to get off the couch. I was 130kg now i have lost 10kg and I look great in a bathing suit for the first time in my life! Thankyou so much!

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