Firstly, position yourself for the shot. If you’re stationary, take a short step forward to create momentum and rhythm for the jump. If you are dribbling, pivot on the balls of your feet to square yourself to the basket. Make sure your knees are bent and hold the ball with both hands close to your body.

If you a right-handed shot, the left hand should act as a guide on the side of the ball while your right hand is the trigger (positioned square/in front of the face). The opposite applies for left-handed shooters.

Jump as high as possible, although the height of the jump is not as important as the timing.

As you take off (jump), bring the ball up, making sure to keep it close to your body until it is above your head, which is usually at the peak of the jump. Shooting the ball from above your head makes it difficult for defenders to block the shot. The shooting elbow must be bent.

In executing the jump shot, remember to steady/position/balance yourself before shooting and to jump up rather than forward.


Sportsmart Moorabbin Bat and Ball Manager, Tom Kilpatrick

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